Investment professionals are influential community members who help clients achieve their financial goals. But unfortunately, Black financial professionals are severely underrepresented in this space. For example, in the financial advisor community, just 1.6% of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) are Black.

This lack of diversity is not just inequitable—it deprives the financial community of essential knowledge and leaves precious communities without services.

That's why these organizations will devote resources to support Black investment professionals. 

Portformer is a financial discovery platform that finds and compares Mutual Funds and ETFs in seconds using machine learning. Advisors rely on Portformer to save time on research and grow their AUM with best-in-class funds.

Participants in this program will receive 6 months of access to the Planning Package, which includes:

  • Unlimited Fund Discovery & Trends
  • Head-to-Head Replacement Scoring
  • 20-Year Backtester
  • Portfolio Alerts
  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours with the Portformer Team

Criteria: US-based financial advisors with CFP credential and <100M AUM.

Portformer. Portfolios. Made Better.

FIN Compliance is a consortium of compliance, consulting, and business management solutions designed to help boutique investment firms to structure, maintain, and develop their internal regulatory review programs.

Participants in this program will receive:

  • $250 discount off RIA registration and Ongoing Compliance Consulting services
  • Free 30-min continuity assessment

Restrictions: US-based financial advisors with CFP credential and <50M AUM.

For more information, check out our online brochure to see what and how we work with you. 

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The cutting-edge lead generation, digital marketing, and practice management Business-In-A-Box training system empowering financial advisors to dominate in a digital world. 

The Virtual Advisor System is a proven method that will show you how to start or transform your practice into a virtual powerhouse, allowing you to acquire and work with your ideal client from virtually anywhere.

Participants in this program will receive 10% off all Conneqtor payment options.

Criteria: All Black financial advisors.

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  • If you know Black financial professionals that would find this useful, please share this resource with them and encourage them to apply.
  • If you work at a SaaS company that’s interested in joining this initiative, please reach out to anthony.franklin@portformer.com.

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